erykah badu kanye west

If you're feeling Kanye West's brand-new track "Real Friends," you'll absolutely adore the trill spin that Erykah Badu added to her remix of the track, which surfaced on Tuesday night (January 12).

Even though the R&B maestro released her But You Caint Use My Phone mixtape in November, Ms. Badu is back to work on another tape called This $h!t Too Easy and her mix of Yeezy's song is the very first taste from the project. Using lyrics from Whodini's '90s classic "Friends," Erykah adds some real talk to the song, putting all the homeboys and homegirls that she wishes she never knew on blast.

badu cover

Funnily enough, Ms. Badu didn't even really intend to remix the song. In fact, it was recorded on a whim, based off her caption for the mix. "what up yeezy? BADU MESSIN ROUND THIS MORNIN (really suppose be recording something else ...)" she wrote on her Soundcloud page.

Take a listen to Erykah Badu's "Trill Friends" below!

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