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Talk radio host Glenn Beck is up in arms over his belief that National Rifle Association board member Grover Norquist is a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer and he may end his membership with the gun rights group if Norquist is re-elected.

Beck dropped that bombshell on his millions of listeners in an interview on Wednesday with Frank Gaffney, the president of the terror watch group Center for Security Policy.

Beck said he is convinced that Norquist, the longtime anti-tax crusader who heads Americans for Tax Reform, is “a dangerous man” and in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, which has close ties with the terrorist group Hamas.

“I am so concerned about this, Frank, and I am not an expert on Grover Norquist by any stretch of the imagination, but I have heard enough that makes me concerned enough that — and I hope that the leadership of the NRA hears this and every member of the NRA hears this — that if this man is elected, or re-elected and confirmed on the board of the NRA, I may drop my membership in the NRA,” Beck said.

For years Gaffney has tried to get Norquist shut out of conservative circles by claiming that he had ties to Muslims linked to terrorist organizations and that he has helped the Muslim Brotherhood spread its influence.

Norquist has denied the accusations and accused Gaffney of prejudice and bigotry.

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