Photo: Nick Duplessis

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If you haven't already, it's about that time of year where you whip out the Christmas ornaments and blast your favorite Christmas tunes. And this year, Kristen Bell has an early Christmas present she's sharing with everyone: a new Christmas song! But instead of singing along, perhaps you'll be texting along?

Kristen teamed up with a capella group Straight No Chaser for "Text Me Merry Christmas." Straight No Chaser's Randy Stine tells, "We wanted a Christmas song that spoke to how informal communication has become. As soon as we heard the first demo it was apparent that it had to be a duet ... the only voice we heard singing this was Kristen Bell and she nailed every note and delivered the lyrics with the perfect comedic tone. We were hanging on her every word ... when we weren't looking at our phones."

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The song already has an adorable lyric video, which is - you guessed it - the lyrics in a text message conversation. Check it out below!