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Leave it to Beyoncé to freshen up the game with a secret collaboration between Naughty Boy and newcomer Arrow Benjamin

On Thursday evening (September 17), a brand-new song called "Runnin' (Lose It All)" courtesy of the trio hit the blogosphere, and it's everything that the U.S. scene could use right now. Taking a page from the music trends across the pond, Naughty Boy supplies the duo with a delicate piano opening, before all hell breaks lose with some sporadic drum and and bass as Bey begins the chorus. Aaron Benjamin comes in for second verse duties, adding some gritty texture (and a whole lot of soul) to the song. Just as you’d expect, it ends with the two as their vocals intertwine for the last remaining lines.

While neither of the stars appear in the Charlie Robins-directed video, Naughty Boy cooked up an abstract visual of two lovers running to each other ... underwater. Love really doesn't see any boundaries (or sharks).

Take a listen to Naughty Boy's new single feature Beyoncé and Arrow Benjamin.

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