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Paul Oakenfold has teamed up with international pop star Matt Goss once again, under a brand new alias - The Concrete Sneakers. Under the new name, they have brought a brand new track to the table, that has been creating buzz already on the radio and in the clubs called "Touch the Sky." The new track is the follow-up to "Firefly," released in 2010.

"Touch the Sky" includes three remixes in the package from Disfunktion, Fasutix & Imanos, and Flesh & Bone.

Disfunktion puts their famous electro house touch on the tune, creating a peak time dance floor anthem that Paul has been testing out during his shows recently - including the warm-up sets on Madonna's MDMA tour. Equally as great, rising duo Fasutix & Imanos put their own electrifying spin on "Touch the Sky" in their remix of the new track. Last but not least, Flesh & Bone create a more mellow and melodic version in their remix, which was featured on Oakenfold's We Are Planet Perfecto 02 released over the summer.

"Touch the Sky" will be released on Perfecto Records, and will be available on Beatport January 21st and everywhere else on February 4th.  

Listen below:

"Touch the Sky" Tracklisting

Disfunktion Remix

Faustix & Imanos Remix

Flesh & Bone Remix

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