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With countless chart-topping productions, amazing collaborations, and great remixes, it's no wonder Sultan & Ned Shepard are on ever major festival lineup. The duo continues to be a tremendous part of dance music, and lucky us, we got to sit down with them recently backstage at one of their shows to chat! 

On their new remix of The Boxer Rebellion's "Keep Moving:"

"We just wanted to make the best version of that song that we could. I think for us, we don't really think commercial vs. underground, we just think what's the best song/piece of music that we can write? But we wanted to make something that was successful because the vocal was super emotional and it just touches people, so we were like 'this could be huge.'"

On playing tracks from artists like Miley Cyrus in their sets:

"We've been around for so long that it feels like a smooth transition for us. And then playing in Vegas for the past two-and-a-half years, its just made it a lot easier for us to mix and mash. I think that's what people kind of want right now because it crossed over, and the people that are coming to these parties are looking for stuff that they know, stuff that they can relate to, but maybe a different version of it. And our rule is that we only play something that we like. So we'll never play a song because it's popular if we don't like it."

Find out what they said about the scene in their hometown of Montreal, Quebec in Canada, what's up next for them, and more from the duo below!  

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