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This is just one of the many reasons we LOVE Maddie & Tae. The girls stopped by BOB 94.9 FM in Harrisburg, PA recently, where they talked to the station's Nancy & Newman. And Tae sang her version of the "Oscar Mayer Weiner" song! You know ... the one that goes, "Oh, I'd love to be an Oscar Mayer weiner." She admits she wanted to be a girl on the Oscar Mayer Weiner commercial in 3rd grade ... and used to practice the song while  hiding in her parents' closet. Aw.

The girls also shared an unheard song from the 200+ songs that they've written. Is that impressive or what?! AND they sang a live version of their song "Sierra" and give the back story on the bully who inspired the song.

Additionally, Maddie & Tae performed a quick cover of their favorite Dixie chicks song to sing at their shows, "Cowboy Take Me Away."

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