Tom Swoon, formerly Pixel Cheese, is not only gearing up for Miami Music Week, but he's about to drop a new track with some remixes, that caters to all sub-genres of dance music. He's joined forces with the talented Amba Shepherd for "Not Too Late."

It's a known fact that Amba's voice is alluring, and paired with Tom's talents, "Not Too Late" will have you hooked. The track is energetic as the music builds around the melody and Amba's vocals.

"Not Too Late" is remixed by Bassnectar & PatrickReza for a more dubstep take on on the track. Maor Levi also lends his musical point of view on Tom Swoon's new song, with a dynamic and electrifying version that is absolutely kinetic.

With a release date of March 18th (kicking off Miami Music Week), it's not too late to check out Tom Swoon and Amba Shepherd's new track! 

Listen below: