selena gomez fetty wap

If you've outplayed Selena Gomez's "Same Old Love," then here's a rendition that will surely breathe some new life into the song for at least another few weeks.

On Wednesday (January 6), Fetty Wap's remix of the second Revival single hit the blogosphere, and it's three and a half minutes of pop/rap bliss. In the rendition, the "Trap Queen" leader kicks off things with a new verse, confessing that he, too, is tired of that same old love. 

"I am so sick/ I'm hoping you’ll notice, yeah baby/ So sick of the same old love/ Like a dose of the same old drug, yeah baby/ Really starting to get under my skin," he spits, before the song ventures into the Charli XCX-heavy chorus. It's things as usual until Fetty appears later in on the song for one more verse, admitting that he thought he could remain by the side of his "ride or die." 

Fetty's remix of "Same Old Love" is the latest rendition of the tune. Back in November, the pop star dropped an EP with four reworked versions of the kiss-off anthem. 

Take a listen to Fetty Wap's remix of Selena Gomez's "Same Old Love" below!

Photo: Getty Images