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Rihanna's latest album could drop any minute now.

Sources close to Billboard reported that after months of anticipation, we should expect Anti as a surprise release, sometime between now and Friday. She also put out a new single this morning, “Work” featuring Drake. That's the same record they shot a video for in L.A. a couple weeks back.

Here’s what people are saying about "Work":

  • Nobody does it like RiRi! A new record dropped with no notice and it’s already number-one worldwide on the iTunes charts in a couple of hours.
  • It’s crazy to see “Work” trending on Twitter because when I be on Twitter I don’t be working. 
  • We got #Sorry and now #Work... I'm just waiting for the Sean Paul comeback tho.
  • Love the Caribbean vibez, #Work is just what I needed from her, I swear.
  • As if you needed anymore evidence that West Indian gyals run tings, Bad Girl RiRi just gave you a whole song of proof.
  • What I like about “Work” is it could be an anthem for the clubs, the gym, the bedroom, the car, cleaning the house -- really, anywhere you can move.

Photo: YouTube/CBS