LordePhoto: Getty Images

Now that we're in 2016, we can expect a lot of new albums to come out this year -- Lorde's being one of them. And it looks like she has chosen the new album's title! But only one person knows for sure what it is: her mom.

Lorde explained on Twitter that she's very excited for 2016 and that she "whispered the album name to [her] mum in the car" recently. SONJA YELICH, WHAT IS IT?!

No, but really, what IS Lorde's new album title? While she didn't explicitly release the name on Twitter, she did tweet out the letters "LCD" after a fan had asked what the album title was in a previous tweet. Of course, we don't know for sure what "LCD" means. It could be the new album title, and if it is, it could stand for something else. Or "LCD" can be something completely unrelated to the album. 

Well, we'll patiently wait for you to confirm, Ella. But what else can we expect from the next Lorde album? Back in May 2014 while in the studio, she revealed in a Tumblr blog post that she was inspired by Robyn's 2010 masterpiece "Dancing On My Own." So perhaps her new music will have a Robyn-esque vibe? 

Also, while tweeting about the album title, she began to fangirl over an old school Lady Gaga performance from 2009. So maybe some early Lady Gaga-like styles will be heard on the upcoming project? Either way, we cannot wait to hear what Lorde has been up to!