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The mastermind behind (you know, the one that redirects to Kanye West's wikipedia page) is coming forward -- and he's explaining himself!

As suspected, it looks like Kanye's Grammy night interruption is the reason his Wikipedia page is linked to 

A man named Brian Connelly owns the domain name and tells The Daily Beast that he was upset at seeing Kanye interrupt Beck's acceptance speech. When Kanye jokingly took the stage after Beck's Morning Phase won Album of the Year, the self-proclaimed Beck fan thought the stunt was a "scripted part of the show." 

However, once he realized it wasn't, he decided to link to Kanye's Wikipedia page. Apparently, he even got help from a tech support person who was enthusiastic about pulling it off.

Connelly says he later got an email from someone claiming to be Kanye. The message ended by saying "you've had your five minutes, now please correct it." 

Well, the message may have been received, but the redirect STILL works (as of today 3/6 at 12:50 p.m. ET).

Photo: Getty Images