Republican Presidential Candidates Debate In Iowa Days Before State

The lower-polling Republican presidential candidates are trying to get noticed ahead of Monday's Iowa caucuses.  In the latest GOP undercard debate, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum called for U.S. "troops on the ground" in Iraq to combat ISIS.  Businesswoman Carly Fiorina said ISIS is the top national security threat facing the U.S.  During the Fox News debate in Des Moines, Fiorina chided President Obama for calling global climate change the top threat facing the civilized world. 

Santorum blasted the media for focusing too much attention on GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.  Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee complained that his message is just not getting out in the current campaign environment.  Meantime, Huckabee said serious tax reform will help struggling American families.  Santorum argued that regulations are crushing small businesses.  Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore accused President Obama and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton of going after 2nd Amendment gun rights.  

Fiorina said Clinton will do whatever it takes to gain power.  She argued that Clinton should be prosecuted over her use of a personal email account and a private server when she was Secretary of State.  Fiorina also went after Planned Parenthood and accused the organization of doing late-term abortions and harvesting parts of unborn babies.  Gilmore said he's the only veteran in the race and vowed to make sure that vets are treated better if he wins the White House.

Photo: Getty Images