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Ever wonder what Luke Bryan would be doing if he wasn't a superstar country singer, shaking it all over the world?

Credit: YouTube

While we can't possibly imagine a world without his music, Luke tells if things in Nashville didn't pan out for him, he'd likely be working at his father's fertilizer and peanut company or doing "some kind of real estate stuff" with his brother-in-law. Luke admits he'd probably be "driving a tractor hauling peanuts, breathing a lot of peanut dust." 

Fertilizer and peanuts? Real estate? We're SO glad he's making music!

Luke was actually reluctant to leave his family to pursue his dream after his older brother was killed in a car crash, and did so only at his father's insistence. 

Bryan also credits his wife Caroline, who's "been there" since he inked a record deal, for helping him through the rough patches, both personally and professionally. 

Luke recalls that the two of them have "sat together and cried about whether any of this would ever happen," and she's "ridden the ride through having kids and figuring out becoming parents and then getting here now." 


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