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Despite being damn hard to sing, The Star-Spangled Banner stirs considerable passion deep in the cockles of many Americans.

Take Justin Schill, for example.

Schill is the parent of a student at Brookside High School on the far west side of Cleveland, local ABC affiliate WEWS-TV reports.

He was attempting to enjoy a Brookside High basketball game when he saw some of these kids today chatting and laughing and generally having too swell of a time during the customary presentation of the national anthem.

Schiller was “absolutely infuriated” by what he perceived as disrespect for the song expressing America’s very patriotic soul, he wrote on his Facebook page.

He decided to approach the kids and give them his version of the what-for.

The confrontation got Schiller kicked out of the game.

A few days later, he received a letter from the Brookside High principal informing him that he would be banned from school athletic events for all of 2015.

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