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(NEWSER) – Overgrown grass, trash, and an interior that probably needs some TLC are things you'd expect to deal with when purchasing a foreclosed home; a dead body is not. But William Wilson stumbled upon all of these things when he entered his new Cape Coral, Fla., residence on Wednesday after buying it for $96,000 the day before, USA Today reports.

Not only did he report what the News-Press describes as a "time capsule" inside, complete with shredded garbage, pizza boxes, and bird poop: He also says he discovered human remains in the master bedroom. Police and neighbors believe the corpse is of the "reclusive" former owner, Carmen Garcia-Viso, who built the house but had not been heard from or seen in a few years. "I figured that's what happened," one neighbor tells the News-Press. "We couldn't get through to check on her because of the bars [on the windows]."

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