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With almost three decades of hits, wisdom and industry experience under her belt, Mariah Carey is a fully vetted pro in the music business. So it goes without saying that the pop powerhouse has a thought or two on the generation of chart-toppers that have come after her.

Asked about the latest crop of stars to emerge in recent years, MC went on to detail one particular issue with the crew. And no, there was no Ariana Grande shade, from what we can tell. 

"Here's the thing. I think now it's more about people selling themselves like online. It's more about, 'Here's what I did today. Let me do something and shock the world,' rather than so much about the music," she said during a recent interview with Business Insider. "There are some artists where it is about the music and that's great."

Mariah went on to explain that we've come a long way from people simply connecting with the music. "Now you can become a big artist without even necessarily having a number one record because of how many followers you have," she continued. 

While MC has a solid argument, it should also be noted that the requirements of a pop star have drastically changed, especially in such a social media-heavy era. We live in a time where the constant need for content remains high and a full-fledged departure from the scene sometimes ends in extinction. 

Watch Mariah Carey talk about the newest batch of pop stars below!


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