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Mastodon's Brann Dailor says he was trying to confuse people a bit with the band's new twerk-heavy music video.  The drummer and singer tells Pitchfork the clip for "The Motherload" began as a parody of heavy metal videos from the '90s with plenty of creepy, esoteric imagery. 

But Dailor says he didn't want it to look like a copy of those videos, so he decided to add all the twerking dancers.  He says he wanted something "bizarre" that "people would say completely does not belong in a Mastodon video." 

Dailor also says he's upset that some people have called the video sexist.  He says they were just trying to make something fun featuring talented women and amazing dancing.  But he adds that he knew the video would get people talking, and he figured there would probably be some negativity. 

Photo: Getty Images