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Mel B, forever immortalized as Scary Spice, recently sat down on Larry King Live and dished a few gossip-y tidbits about being a part of the one biggest girl groups of all times. Spice Girls, with such hits as “Wannabe,” “Say You’ll Be There” and “2 Become 1,” became synonymous with empowerment anthems and pop hooks in the late ’90s, and admittedly, they all had this five year plan of where they wanted to go. As life would have it, that all came to an abrupt end before it was time. “We didn’t really break up,” she tells host Larry King. “We had like a five year plan that kind of got shortened after three years…that we all were going to go our own way eventually.”

The singer, now an America’s Got Talent judge, adds, “We knew this was a platform. We always knew Victoria [Beckham] was going into fashion. Mel C was always going to do music. Emma [Bunton] wanted to do radio. I kind of wanted to do a bit of everything. We kind of had that understanding.”

However, she then notes that when “Geri [Halliwell] left, it was bad.” Why? “Well, she left on my birthday and didn’t tell anybody,” the singer says. “She just didn’t show up.” At that point, the group had the remainder of their North American tour to continue, resulting in plenty of bitterness lingering for quite sometime. “I still reminder her of it [now],” Mel B jokes, but quickly adding that Geri revealed later that “she just felt the pressure too much, so just decided to take a break.”

More importantly, could there be another Spice reunion anytime soon? “I’m always saying we could do another one,” she says. “I think the reality is probably not gonna happen for a few years.” Bummer.

Despite becoming one of the top-selling pop acts of all time, the group failed to earn a much-deserved Grammy. “We were grateful for whatever we got back. Let’s put it that way. And I have a whole room full of awards and plaques, so I’m good. But a Grammy would have been nice,” Mel B says.