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Metallica is revisiting a dark time in the band's history with a special tenth anniversary edition of the documentary Some Kind of Monster. The metal vets have announced plans to reissue the film digitally and as a two-disc Blu-ray edition just in time for the holiday shopping season. 

The new version will also include the retrospective feature Metallica: This Monster Lives, which the band and filmmakers made last year. Some Kind of Monster was praised by critics for its honesty when it was originally released in 2004.  It covers the making of the problematic album St. Anger, the aftermath of bassist Jason Newsted's exit from the band, frontman James Hetfield's stint in rehab, and the often-uncomfortable therapy sessions that ultimately kept Metallica from falling apart. 

The anniversary edition of Some Kind of Monster is due out November 24th.  And just a few days after that, Metallica plans to celebrate Record Store Day's Black Friday by releasing a limited edition 12-inch vinyl single of "Lords of Summer," the new track the band debuted on the road this summer. 

Due out November 28th, the record will include both the studio and live versions of the song. 

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