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(NEWSER) – More than a dozen buildings were set ablaze in Ferguson on Monday. Among those that burned: Flood Christian Church. NBC News reports that's the church where Michael Brown's father was baptized on Sunday.

The buildings around it were untouched, leading the Rev. Carlton Lee to speculate that it wasn't rioters who torched his church but white supremacists looking to target him for his support of the Brown family (he's been by their side during press conferences and says he's received 71 death threats) and his vocal calls that Officer Darren Wilson be arrested. KMOV reports the church's windows were broken and chairs were overturned."We rebuild," says Lee. "We do not stop." More:

Protesters outraged by the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown case took to the streets of cities across America for a second night last night after a day that saw dozens of rallies. One of the largest protests was in New York City, where thousands of people chanting slogans including "Black lives matter!" brought traffic in Manhattan and other parts of the city to a halt, reports the New York Daily News.

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