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(TMZ) - Miley Cyrus dropped major cash to buy a new Malibu home this week, right near Liam Hemsworth -- but the purchase does NOT mean she's moving out of Liam's house.

Reports surfaced Thursday that Miley's new pad signaled a split. TMZ has learned it's the exact opposite ... she bought it as a bonus home for her and Liam.

TMZ sources reveal that Miley's new place, which is a mere 0.2 miles away from Liam, will be her primary address with most of her stuff, including her bed. But the real reason for the purchase -- QT with Liam. 

TMZ reports that Liam's 3 bedroom home has become overcrowded with guests -- Liam has a bunch of Aussie buddies who've been crashing there. Throw in Miley and her 5 dogs and things get messy.

So, to be clear ... Miley reportedly spent $2.5 mil just to get alone time with Liam. It's good to be rich.

Photo: Getty Images