Video Credit: KIMT-TV

Nothing beats local TV for live on the spot reporting. At least, that's what one reporter discovered as he was getting ready for a live shot outside a recently robbed bank. 

KIMT-TV reporter Adam Sallet was outside Sterling State Bank in Minnesota doing a report on a robbery that had occurred there the previous day. Right as the studio cut to Adam, an employee of the bank ran out, interrupting Sallet's report, pointing at the suspect. Sallet's reaction is priceless to say the least. 

"What? Oh, that's the robber!" Uhh... this is live TV folks. That's the robber who just went by according to the bank employee, so I got to go here and call 911. I'll talk to you later." 

The suspected bank robber, Ryan Liskow, was later taken into custody near the Twin Cities. 

The TV station later released more footage of the suspect entering and exiting the bank just before Sallet's live shot began. 

Video Credit: KIMT-TV

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