(NEWSER) A North Carolina couple celebrated their daughter's original due date Tuesday—almost 14 weeks after she was actually born—as well as the fact that she's beat the odds and is now thriving. Little E'Layah Faith Pegues was born prematurely on Sept. 23 weighing just 10 ounces, the Charlotte Observer reports, making her the tiniest surviving infant ever to be born at Carolinas Medical Center and one of the smallest babies ever, period.

"E'Layah is our miracle baby girl," mom Megan Smith tells the Observer. And while she's still quite small—she clocked in at 3 pounds, 7 ounces as of Tuesday, the paper notes—the little girl nicknamed "Tater Tot" by staff is expected to head home from the hospital sometime in the next couple of weeks. "Five or even 10 years ago, it probably wouldn't have been possible for her to survive, much less thrive," the hospital's chief medical officer tells the Observer, noting toABC News that she fit "head-to-toe" in the palm of his hand when she was born.

Video Credit: Charlotte Observer

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