(NEWSER) – A mother in China is getting a social-media lashing after her young son became trapped in her BMW and she reportedly wouldn't let rescuers smash the car's windows to save him, the Wall Street Journal reports. Per local media, firefighters responding to a call of a child locked in a car Saturday in the city of Yiwu found the boy—IDed as 17 months old, though the Straits Times says he's 3—"sitting in the driver's seat of the car, crying and prying at the glass," the Journal notes.

Locksmiths were already trying to open the door to save the boy, who had reportedly been trapped by that point for about an hour. But as the boy's condition appeared to worsen, firefighters mentioned breaking the windows, and a witness tells theStraits Times the boy's mom balked at that idea, pleading with firefighters to let the locksmiths keep trying instead. The firefighters, however, opted to smash the window and retrieve the child.

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