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24/7 News: News Update

Protests and arrests continue in Ferguson, Missouri.  More than 150 people demonstrated near the police station in the mostly black St. Louis suburb Sunday night.  They demanded the arrest of Officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed unarmed black teenager Michael Brown on August 9th.  Protesters threw water bottles at officers at one point.  Police arrested seven people.  

Meanwhile, police continue searching for suspects in two shootings of officers in and near Ferguson over the weekend.  A Ferguson Police officer was shot Saturday night when a man who ran from him turned and shot, hitting the officer in the arm.  The officer shot back but apparently didn't hit the suspect. 

About three hours later, someone shot at an off-duty St. Louis police officer as he was driving his personal vehicle on Interstate 70.  The officer had a minor injury from broken glass.  Authorities say the two shootings don't appear to be related or linked to the protests in Ferguson.