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If there is one thing for certain with Daft Punk at the moment, it's that they know how to keep their fans on the edge of their seats. The duo has slowly been dropping hints about their long-awaited comeback, just last week confirming their relationship with Columbia Records. And now, over the weekend, they have dropped another hint - extremely short, but just enough to keep everyone excited about some harder, better, and faster music from DP.

Over the weekend, a 15-second commercial aired during famous sketch comedy show, "Saturday Night Live." The French robot twosome must believe less is more, because the short clip - with maybe some new music (we hope!) - leaves A LOT to the imagination. It's simply 15 seconds of a few bars of music, with a glittery Daft Punk logo on a black background, which ultimately gets enclosed by their world famous helmets.

What is everyone in the dance music community wondering? Here are a few thoughts:

  • Is this new music featured in their commercial a part of their new album?
  • Is their entire album going to be similar in sound?
  • When is the album coming out or when will they announce a release date?
  • Will they tour?
  • When will they give us more?!

Well played guys. You can watch their mysterious commercial here. And if you can't get enough of the (possible) new Daft Punk sounds, here it is on loop - for TEN hours!