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(NEWSER) – At first it sounded like a typical domestic-violence hearing: protection orders, unstable behavior, alcohol, and depression. Then NASCAR driver Kurt Busch shook things up, announcing that his ex, Patricia Driscoll—who alleged he had smashed her head into a motor-home wall—was actually a trained assassin who traveled the world to carry out deadly missions.

The first part of that hearing was in December, but Busch was back in Delaware family court yesterday, adding that Driscoll had shown Busch photos of bodies with gunshot wounds and mentioned that a character in the movie Zero Dark Thirtywas a composite of her and other women, the AP reports. More Busch allegations that emerged: that Driscoll had murdered drug lords using long-range sniper rifles, as well as at close range with knives and poison, the News Journalreports.

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