CyPhy Works Photo Drone

The Federal Aviation Administration is requiring drone owners to register their unmanned aircraft.  People who already own drones have until February 19th to register online, while those who get theirs after December 21st will be required to register before the drone's first liftoff. 

The five-dollar registration fee will be waved for the first month after the online site officially launches next week.  Drone operators will receive an FAA identification number that has to be displayed on the aircraft.  

According to the FAA, this will not likely apply to children's toys. 

Q. Do children's toys need to be registered?

A. Not if they weigh below 250 gm/0.55 lb. or less. Most "toys" the FAA has identified at a purchase price of $100 or less have been determined to weigh less than 250g. You can find more information in this Recreational UAS Weights document (PDF).

The drone registry is a response to concerns about drones flying near airports.   

PHOTO: Getty Images