mexican taco server

In the wake of last semester’s race-related protests — and the poop swastika, and the hallucinated, nonexistent people wearing Ku Klux Klan hoods — officials at the University of Missouri are requiring all new students to undergo diversity training.

The mandatory indoctrination sessions, called “Diversity@Mizzou,” started in the spring 2016 semester, reports Campus Reform.

Faculty members from departments including sociology and women’s and gender studies have conducted the sessions.

One presenter, Rebecca Martinez, displayed images of Katy Perry in a geisha outfit. Martinez, a women’s studies professor, then asked the assembled attendees: “Is this cultural appropriation?”

Martinez also showed audience members photos of people in Mexican-themed Halloween costumes including a taco costume. She then instructed that such garb is culturally offensive.

“That’s not even a Mexican taco!” Martinez said, according to Campus Reform. “It has lettuce in it!”

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