nicki minaj

While she may not be a mother herself, Nicki Minaj is a daughter. After catching a few reruns of MTV's "Teen Mom" on Sunday (January 13), Barbie called out Farrah Abraham for how she treats her mom.

Nicki tweeted, “Farrah is a [bad word] to her mother. She was like b****, go do some porn and leave gramma alone.”

The teen mom-turned-porn star clapped back, “Cause your a parent right? Your videos look like porn. Horrible hood luck being negative #Godbless busy making TV.”

Nicki responded, “Your mother didn’t open her legs and have the child. Be happy she’s helping! Stop talking to her like that on TV you little [bad word] or in your case #Big[Bad Word].” Instead of dragging your mother, learn the difference between ‘you’re’ & ‘your,’ ding bat.”

Farrah had the last word, saying “You must really want attention — talk about women with respect — it’s Sunday, stop watching reruns and go to church. To be clear my mom doesn’t help me, I help her. I love and care for my mom. Stop disgusting talk @NickiMinaj.”

Photo: Getty Images