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File this under cute and hilarious: Little North flushed Kanye West's phone down the toilet! 

Kim Kardashian called into "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" recently to talk about her new T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial, and the reality star explained that North was playing with her daddy's phone -- which ultimately ended up in the toilet. Kim told Ryan:

"Not last night, but the night before, I hear North in the bathroom and I hear the toilet flushing and flushing. And I run in there and I'm like, 'Wait a minute babe,' to Kanye. 'Didn't she have your phone a second ago?' The phone was in the toilet! I put it in a bag of rice ... nothing worked."

Yikes! We're sure Yeezy wasn't too happy about the situation, but North is so cute he probably couldn't be mad for long.

Kim also told Ryan about Kanye's upcoming album, including his song with Paul McCartney "Only One." Mrs. West says it's the perfect bedtime song for her little one. Kim tells Ryan:

"He loves to record in different countries. So we were in Mexico for a month and he was recording and it was so loud. But every night when he was recording 'Only One,' I would put North to bed and it would just play over and over so loud and she would just fall right asleep. It was like the best lullaby."

Listen to Kim Kardashian's full "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" interview below:

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