Artist Displays Cityscape Made Of Legos On New Yorknewser

(NEWSER) – It's a potentially enticing intersection of goofing off and prestige: University of Cambridge is hiring a new professor for this fall to direct its Research Centre on Play in Education, Development and Learning. Or, as the Telegraph puts it, a "professor of Lego," courtesy of a $6.2 million pledge from the Lego Foundation to fund the center and the professorship.

So does the gig involve playing with Lego blocks for 40 hours a week? The work of the Lego Foundation, per its website, is “redefining play and reimagining learning,” and the university’s job announcement is rather vague. Potential candidates are expected to have work experience "within the general field of the title of the office," according to the Telegraph. (One person probably out of the running is Gloria Haas, accused of stealing $60,000 worth of Lego sets.)

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