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(NEWSER) – In the latest "one-stop shopping for conspiracy theorists" news, a "UFO enthusiast" has launched a site he says is the first complete, searchable database of the Air Force's declassified UFO files, the Air Force Times reports. John Greenewald has spent almost 20 years reaping the benefits of the Freedom of Information Act to amass 130,000 pages of Project Blue Book data on his Black Vault website. Project Blue Book, an Air Force effort from 1947 to 1969 at Ohio's Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, investigated 12,618 strange sightings; Greenewald says he has also included files from the project's predecessors, Project Sign and Project Grudge.

Although the National Archives has housed the UFO files on microfilm (and other sites have posted partial info), only Greenewald had the stamina to spend the time "collecting, programming, and converting" all of it into an out-of-this world database.

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