Guantanamo Military Prison Stays Open As Future Status Remains Uncertain

The Obama administration announced Thursday it has released 10 prisoners from U.S. military detention center at Guantanamo Bay Thursday.

The Yemeni detainees have arrived in Oman, where they will be held until their return to Yemen, Reuters reports.

A military official told Fox News the detainees were “the ‘hardcore’ type,” and that many of those released were “medium- or high-risk prisoners.”

“All have ties to Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups,” the official said.

President Barack Obama vowed to continue trying to shut down Gitmo in his State of the Union address on Tuesday, saying it “serves as a recruitment brochure for our enemies.”

A report from the Director of National Intelligence found last year that “nearly 1 in 3 released detainees are known or suspected to have rejoined the fight.”

During the 2008 campaign, Obama promised to close the Guantanamo detention center.

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Photo: Getty Images