(NEWSER) – President Obama is announcing tighter gun rules Tuesday via executive action, with expanded background checks part of the initiative. Here's a look at related coverage:

  • One new rule makes it easier for doctors and other authorities to report mentally ill people to the FBI's background check system. The shift makes clear that those who do won't run afoul of privacy laws. What gets passed along: Only a person's name, and the entity that made the ruling, reports the Hill. What doesn't, per the rule: "Underlying diagnoses, treatment records, and other identifiable health information."
  • The rules will not require that every single gun sale be subject to a federal background check, reports USA Today. But they will tighten up some areas regarding private sales. For example, those who sell guns over the Internet must now conduct checks "if they are 'engaged in the business' of selling guns, not just a hobbyist."

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