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Health insurance premiums under Obamacare are rising in a boatload of states, but customers will be faced with a laundry list of glitches and changes that could result in hiked premiums on top of that, according to new research from the American Action Forum

There’s a big problem with the health-care law’s regulations hiking the actual cost of health insurance for many people. Premium rates are rising because policies are required to be more inclusive, whether the customer wants extra servivces or not. But on top of rising prices, there are seven policies on the federal Obamacare exchange itself that can cause even bigger premium hikes next year.

Partly to blame, according to the free-market think tank’s health policy analyst Angela Boothe, is that on, many customers just aren’t guaranteed a certain price for their health insurance.

In a private market, an insurance company charges its customers a set price. But in Obamacare exchanges, the federal government can change what they’re charging many customers after the fact — especially if the customer is one of the 85 percent of federal Obamacare sign-ups receiving a subsidy.

One culprit is an ongoing mismatch between Obamacare applications and federal data. When it comes to premium subsidies, errors can result in effective premium increases — owing the IRS money back at tax season.

With 2015 enrollment just one month away, some customers are still struggling to find out what they owe for their 2014 insurance plans. The administration set a deadline of Sept. 3o to verify customers’ reported income from the last enrollment period. As of a month ago, 363,000 Obamacare customers still had discrepancies and could see their costs go up. 

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