(NEWSER) – Misty Meister was walking down a street in Lahoma, Okla., on Halloween night when she saw a group of adults wearing Ku Klux Klan robes and, she claims, burning a cross. She reported the incident—and though no charges were filed, it's making headlines because one of the people allegedly involved is the husband of Lahoma Mayor Theresa Sharp, the Enid News & Eagle reports.

Authorities say a responding deputy found Cary Kent Sharp, 47, and his friends dressed in white robes (Sharp, at least, was not wearing a hood, the deputy says) and having a bonfire, though the local sheriff says no cross was actually burned. "There was no cross that burned," Mayor Sharp says. "It was held behind the fire to look like it was burning, but there was no fire. ... It was a prank gone bad." Her husband goes a bit further, calling the uproar "ridiculous, really," he says. "It was a Halloween night."

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