One Direction

We're nearly a month away from the release of One Direction's fifth studio album Made In The A.M., and we only knew two songs on the 13-track album (17 on the deluxe version) ... until now. We already knew that "Drag Me Down" (track 2) and "Infinity" (track 4) are included, but the guys unveiled the rest of the songs via Snapchat! 

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Liam revealed the first new song on Made In A.M., "Hey Angel," by being his usual adorable self.

Next up, we had Harry Styles pulling a Sam Smith on vocal rest with his cue cards, featuring FOUR songs -- one on each card. They are "Olivia," "If I Could Fly," "A.M.," and "Walking In The Wind."

Earlier in the night, Harry also tweeted out the title of the band's next single, "Perfect."

Then we had sweet Niall reveal track eight, and his "favorite song on the album by a mile," -- "Never Enough." 

 Louis AND Niall revealed track 11: "Love You, Goodbye."

Continuing the track reveal was Liam announcing "Long Way Down" as bubbles and hearts floated out, along with the words.

Liam had so much fun with the filters, he decided to try a new one when he announced "What A Feeling."

And "History."

The last three songs were announced by Liam (as a hungry mouse) and Louis: "I Wanna Write You A Song," "Temporary Fix," and last but not least, "Wolves."

While the order of the track list isn't confirmed, many outlets are reporting the following song arrangement. Check out the full Made In The A.M. track listing below:

1. "Hey Angel"
2. "Drag Me Down"
3. "Perfect"
4. "Infinity"
5. "End Of The Day"
6. "If I Could Fly"
7. "Long Way Down"
8. "Never Enough"
9. "Olivia"
10. "What A Feeling"
11. "Love You, Goodbye"
12. "I Want To Write You A Song"
13. "History"
14. "Temporary Fix"
15. "Walking In The Wind"
16. "Wolves"
17. "A.M."

Watch the full Made In The A.M. track reveal all together: