A small city in Oregon is in shock after a shooting at a community college that left several people dead.  Authorities are confirming the man who opened fire at a community college is dead. 

Oregon Governor Kate Brown says the shooter at Umpqua Community College was a 20-year-old man.  Governor Brown also praised the heroism of first responders and offered her thoughts and prayers to the community. 

At the same news conference, Oregon State Police Superintendent Rich Evans said the shooter was engaged by police.  He added that the top priority is to make sure the injured are treated and that the scene is secure. 

There have been conflicting reports saying between seven and 15 people have died, with the Oregon Attorney General saying that 13 people were killed.  As many as 20 people have been reported injured.  Roseburg is about 60 miles south of Eugene. 

Students of a community college in Oregon are beginning to talk about the shooting that left several people dead and about 20 people injured today.  The "News-Review" newspaper in Roseburg spoke to an Umpquah community college student who said she was in a writing class when a shot came through a window and hit her teacher in the head.  According to the story, she said the shooter entered the classroom, asked people to stand up and state their religion, and then opened fire. 

Another student said she was in the classroom next door when they heard a sound like a yardstick slapping the chalkboard.  Her teacher went to see what was wrong, and then there were more gunshots and someone said to get out immediately.  The gunman is dead.  There's no firm word on the number of people who were killed. 

Student describes shots, screaming from next-door classroom