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(NEWSER)– Sarah Palin and PETA, both entities more than a little fond of picking fights, have found each other at last and don't appear to be letting go.

The latest salvo in the squabble over Palin's photo of son Trig standing on the family dog in order to help with the dishes—a sign of overcoming adversity in the eyes of mom, and a sign of mom's "hard-hearted obliviousness" in the eyes of the animal rights organization—comes via a Facebook post in which Palin advises PETA to "chill" because "at least Trig didn’t eat the dog."

The dog-eating reference is a dig at the current inhabitant of the Oval Office, via his memoir "Dreams From My Father", notes Politico, in which President Obama discusses eating dog meat in Indonesia. Palin asks, "Did you go crazy when your heroic Man-of-Your-Lifetime, Barack Obama, revealed he actually enjoyed eating dog meat?"

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