(NEWSER) – Protesting parents in Chicago ended their 34-day hunger strike on Saturday—not because they're giving up their battle over a high school in a predominantly African-American neighborhood, but because they want to have the strength to keep fighting.

"We decided that we will feed our bodies so that until we win sustainable community schools for all of our children, the mayor and [Chicago Public Schools] won't get a moments [sic] rest," read a Facebook post from one of the activists on Saturday, per DNAinfo. What the protesters were seeking: the reopening of the shuttered Dyett High School—which school district officials say was shut down because of declining enrollment and lackluster performance, per the AP—as a "green technology" high school. Though CPS announced this month it would agree to reopen Dyett as an arts-focused school, activists decided to continue the strike,WBEZ reports.

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