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A Southern California Cub Scout leader may not have stayed completely classy when he led a group of elementary school-aged kids to a nude beach during a hike late last month.

The hike, led by Troop 766 pack master Desmond Wheatley, wound on a trail through an area called Black’s Beach, local CBS affiliate KFMB reports.

Black’s Beach is a secluded, cliff-laden expanse of coastline in an affluent part of San Diego. It is officially part of Torrey Pines State Beach. It’s famous because it is a legendary nude beach.

The Jan. 24 hike by Cub Scout Troop 766 was billed as a hike through Torrey Pines State Park. And it was, but the trail chosen by Wheatley led seven or so scouts right into the nude beach area.

There, the young boys found themselves ogling a slew of naked people — “dozens and dozens” of au naturel bodies, according to KFMB.

Diane Lekven, the parent of a fourth-grade boy, was among the chaperones on the hike. Her son was well ahead of her on the trail when she realized where she was.

“When I got up there I said ‘Hey what are you doing? We’re in the middle of a nudist beach,’” Lekven told the CBS affiliate.

Wheatley, the Scout leader, was nonplussed.

“He said ‘This is a naturalist beach, and my family and I go through here all the time it’s not a big deal.’ And I got really angry,” Lekven recalled.

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