Simi Valley Senior Park Ranger Jerry DeRosa, left, talks to parkgoers about leash laws during a rout

Federal park rangers at the Mojave National Preserve were packing some serious heat according to a government audit. Agents were carrying fully automatic rifles and bought dozens of flashbang grenades in violation of federal rules.

The Department of the Interior’s inspector general found that “a supervisory park ranger arranged for the purchase of Colt M-4 fully automatic rifles” between 2008 and 2010. Park rangers bought nine of these rifles and allowed them to be carried around on duty for three years before being converted to only fire semi-automatic.

The IG also found that “the supervisory park ranger admitted to purchasing and distributing the automatic weapons despite knowing that they violated NPS policy,” and “admitted telling rangers who received the automatic rifles not to display them to others.” The park official also “admitted to, at a minimum, not making it clear to his supervisors that the automatic weapons needed to be converted to semiautomatics.”

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Photo: Getty Images