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(NEWSER) – Does your heart swell with pride when an American flag is unfurled at a major sporting event? If so, know that you paid for the sensation. The Pentagon has shelled out about $10 million to sports franchises over the past five years for advertising and promotion, including $6.8 million that went toward staging "paid patriotism" events such as enlistment ceremonies and the reunions of soldiers and their families, report Bloomberg and USA Today.

The finding comes in a scathing report from Sens. Jeff Flake and John McCain, which describes the spending as "inappropriate and frivolous," per NBC News. More than $6 million went to NFL teams, including almost $900,000 to the Atlanta Falcons. The team was paid $315,000 for a single event in 2013, during which an American flag was spread across the Georgia Dome's field.

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