HitchBOT's trip to the U.S. is over, only two weeks after it began.  According to HitchBOT's official website, the robot was vandalized in Philadelphia over the weekend.  This man in Philly tells Fox News he doesn't find it funny. 

David Smith, co-creator of the robot said some of the HitchBOT's parts had been stripped out.  Followers are now taking on the area to see if they can recover some of the lost parts and have them sent back to Canada. HitchBOT is considered a social experiment in which the Hitchhiking robot is given rides to different destinations by everyday people. 

The quick trip to America included stops in Boston's Fenway Park and New York City after kicking off in Salem, Massachusetts.  The original plan was for the trip to end in San Francisco. HitchBOT had already completed trips across Canada from Halifax to Victoria last summer.  It also completed a similar trip in Germany earlier this year, as well as the Netherlands.