Philadelphia Police Office Ambushed And Shot At Close Rangenewser

(NEWSER) – The new police commissioner of Philadelphia was faced with a major crime late Thursday night when a cop in his patrol car was ambushed and shot in West Philly, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Jesse Hartnett, 33, was hit with bullets three times in his arm around 11:30pm and taken to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, where he was said to be in stable condition but with a lengthy recovery ahead, authorities tell the site. The gunman fired at least 13 shots. The New York Daily News says he suffered a broken arm and nerve damage but was able to fire back at the perpetrator. A suspect, IDed as Edward Archer, 30, was caught by cops as he tried to get away and was also wounded. Police Commissioner Richard Ross said the attack, captured on video, was "absolutely evil" and "one of the scariest things I've ever seen," per the Inquirer, adding to the Daily News, "I can't even believe that he was able to survive this."

Pennsylvania resident, and GOP Presidential contender Rick Santorum was in the in the middle on an interview on KFAB in Omaha when the news broke. Here is his candid reaction.

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