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If there is one rapper that is set on giving back during this holiday season, it's 2 Chainz and he's making sure that his children learn that lesson. 

Earlier this week, the hip hop heavyweight made press for visiting disabled veteran Deirdre Plater of Palmetto, Georgia to offer some pretty stellar news. The single mother, who is having trouble with her finances, hasn't been able to lock in a job in the last year, so she was pretty delighted when the Georgia-helmed MC and his children paid a visit to her house on Saturday (December 5).

Not only is 2 Chainz covering her rent for a year, but the MC is also provided her with furniture for her house, courtesy of the proceeds from his Dabbing Santa sweater collection, which is currently on sale now

"Last week was my son's birthday and his mentor sister brought us something to eat for Thanksgiving while dropping off money for some groceries and she noticed that we didn't have any furniture in the house," Plater explained. "I guess that sparked my son's mentor Mark Barnes to do something special for us and when he got the call from 2 Chainz about helping a family it all fell into place."

If you know of someone that could really use some help from 2 Chainz' Dabbing Santa, then send the rapper an e-mail at dabbinsanta@gmail.com.

Watch 2 Chainz pay a visit to Deirdre Plater below!

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