AdelePhoto: Getty Images

Just in case you didn't think you could love Adele any more than you already do, here's another gem to disprove your hypothesis ... and further proof Adele is just like us all, and an all around amazing human being: She shops at Target! 

Adele was spotted out -- sans make-up on top of it -- at the West Hollywood Target this week. Photos show her dressed casually, checking out some beauty products, as well as an an Incredible Hulk coloring book ... probably for her three-year-old son Angelo.

Just goes to show you the power of Target: You go in for one thing, and come out with ALL THE THINGS. It's nice to know that even though the Grammy-winning, chart-topping, talented artist (who can sell out stadium venues in a matter of minutes might we add) can afford the finest luxuries, she's not afraid to hit up good ol' Target.

We love you, Adele. Please never change.