sunset main

You can't deny the beauty in a blazing sunset, and Michigan resident Mechaele Loraff‎ can attest to that. Just take a look at this recent photo that she posted on her Facebook earlier this week. 

FOX 32 News reported that Mechaele was on her way to work when she caught sight of the stunning shot, before she pulled over to take a photo in Buchanan, Michigan. You can see that this isn't just any ol' shot either, but a sunset that depicts a beaming cross in the sky.

"I took the picture because of the beam coming straight up off the sun and only saw the cross after I took the picture!" she wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post.

"[It] simply took my breath away!" the Michigan resident told FOX 32 News, adding that what she captured was simply Mother Nature "at her finest." We can't argue with that.

Photo: Flickr/Mechaele Loraff‎